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Hi, my name is Joanna Ryglewicz and I’m the founder of Oio Lab. We create skincare that is not only effective, but also expresses our values and our attitude to the world we live in. Oio is a concept that grows and develops with us. Take a look at what Oio stands for today:

Oio Lab is the effect of conscious synthesis. The result of our unique combinations are effective beauty products. We connect organic plant extracts with active ingredients offering clinically proven results. An unmet level of curiosity and the urge to deliver innovative solutions is confronted with scientific research. We fuse, combine and create. We connect advanced ingredients with traditional knowledge and wisdom of rituals. The power of nature is constantly subjected to laboratory analysis. We link the condition of the skin with our inner, emotional world. We reflect our deep respect to planet Earth through solutions used in our products. We approach beauty holistically.

At Oio Lab every detail counts.


Oio Lab stems from the combination of values that are important to us: 

THE BEST INGREDIENTS – at Oio Lab we create products basing on natural ingredients. In our treatments you will find organic, cold-pressed oils of the highest quality as well as plant extracts obtained using innovative methods*. Natural base is enriched with highly selected active ingredients of proven effectiveness**. We do not use synthetic additives and preservatives. In our compositions we use minimum ingredients that deliver maximum results.  

* e.g. beech, chicory and  hemp seed oils obtained by enzymatic extraction or turmeric root extract produced by supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide (CO2) – both methods are characterised by high quality extracts. 

** selected Oio Lab treatments contain hydrogenated H-10 retinol, proven to counteract sign of aging or a highly stable vitamin C – maintaining its brightening and antioxidant properties for longer.

RESPECT FOR OUR PLANET – we consciously control every single detail in the process of production, because we care about the environment that surrounds us. We minimise plastic consumption by choosing materials that can be reused. We use glass bottles* and recyclable paper packaging. We respect the condition of our planet, because we ourselves form part of this complex ecosystem.  

*violet glass used to store Oio Lab treatments protect valuable, natural extracts and oils and serve as a natural preservative to the precious ingredients.

SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE – we are cooperating with numerous scientific institutions and confirm the effectiveness of our skincare solutions through extensive research. Unmet curiosity means that we are constantly creating new formulas as well as develop effective ingredients. Natural extracts are subjected to various extraction methods to enhance their efficacy or discover previously unknown properties.

AWARENESS – at Oio Lab, we believe that your skin reflects how you relate to the world. In order to pay attention to our emotional state, we complement every formula with wisdom of rituals. Finding a moment just for ourselves helps us to take our treatments to the next level. We believe, that effective skincare, combined with a moment of inner peace is the best way to let your unique glow shine through.